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Cochlear implants are life changing. They were the first technology capable of restoring a human sense. Unlike hearing aids that amplify sound, cochlear implants use an electrode array implanted into the cochlea to stimulate the auditory nerve. This partnership of human physiology and technology has changed the lives of many adults who have lost their hearing.

Below are some videos from cochlear implant users, ENT surgeons, audiologists and researchers that you may find informative and helpful about the cochlear implant journey in New Zealand.

Stories from cochlear implant recipients

cochlear implant Surgery

Some people want to know what’s involved in a cochlear implant surgery, warts and all, but it’s not for everyone. In this video, ENT surgeon Bill Baber walks us through CI recipient, Richard Milne’s surgery.


Hear Us

ENT surgeons, audiologists, researchers and cochlear implant recipients speak out about the impact of living with disabling hearing loss and the need for cochlear implants.


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