The Pindrop Foundation

Welcome to the Pindrop Foundation.

Communication is at the heart of all human relationships, and the gift of hearing enables us to interact and communicate with our loved ones, friends and work colleagues.

The Pindrop Foundation strives to make world-class treatment and early access to cochlear implants to those adults affected by a severe hearing loss in New Zealand.

We help to achieve this through:

  • Education about severe to profound hearing loss, its’ impact on an individual’s life and the hearing health benefits of cochlear implant technology.
  • Peer to peer support groups.
  • Providing information and resources for potential candidates and cochlear implant recipients, their families and friends.
  • Raising awareness amongst health professionals – with information resources for GP’s, hospital clinics and hearing health professionals.
  • Supporting continued education for hearing health professionals specialising in the field of cochlear implants.
  • Advocating and informing Government and government agencies about current issues in severe to profound hearing loss treatment
  • Cochlear Implant Interest Groups – with assistance with cochlear implant consumer representation training and support.
  • The Pindrop Foundation is here to support and ensure that all those affected by severe hearing loss have access to this incredible technology.

A cochlear implant gives back more than sound; it gives back quality of life.

Introducing the Pindrop Foundation Board of Trustees:


Peter Aitken

Peter Aitken (Chair of Trustees)

Peter is passionate about breaking down barriers many New Zealanders face in attaining a full and engaging life and this is the primary reason he joined the Pindrop Foundation. “I was so concerned when I read the grim statistics about the growing incidence of severe hearing disability in New Zealand and the difficulty many individuals were facing in accessing a cochlear implant. I wanted to utilise my professional skills and expertise toward breaking down those barriers.” Peter holds a BCA in Economics and retired as Managing Director of Mazda New Zealand a few years ago, but still retains his position as Trustee of the Mazda New Zealand Foundation.


Dr Bill Keith

Dr Bill Keith (Dep. Chair)

Bill Keith is an audiologist and is the managing director of Sound Skills Ltd New Zealand. Bill has dedicated his professional career to ensuring hearing disabled individuals have access to the world class hearing solutions they need. He currently also serves on the National Steering Team for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (Project HIEDI), the Scientific Committee of the Deafness Research Foundation, the Board of Directors of the Deafness Research Foundation and the Board of Directors of Abilities Incorporated.


Janice Mitchell

Janice Mitchell (Treasurer)

Janice knows first what it is like to live with a severe hearing loss. She was born with a congenital hearing problem which got progressively worse over the years. Along with her older sister and younger brother, she has received a cochlear implant which has enabled her to continue working, enjoy an active social life and to participate fully with her family, grandchildren, friends and life in general. Janice is a financial executive for Godfrey Hirst Carpets Ltd.


Lee Schoushkoff (Trustee and Chief Executive)

Lee has committed much of his professional career into growing sustainable and effective cause related organizations. He has held senior management roles with the National Heart Foundation, Presbyterian Support (Nthrn) and the Child Health Research Foundation. Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and fundraising experience to the Pindrop Foundation to grow their vision of ensuring the ability to hear well is available to all New Zealanders.


Bill Baber

Bill Baber

Bill is an ear, nose and throat surgeon with a special interest in ear surgery. Along with Ron Goodey, Bill played and integral part in the establishment of New Zealand’s first Cochlear Implant programme. Working with a team of dedicated professionals to restore or develop the sense of hearing has easily made this the highlight of Bill’s career in ENT Surgery.


Paul Dyson.jpg

Paul Dyson

Paul Dyson has spent over 25 years working in the medical device industry and brings to the Board a long-held commitment to improving the lives of others through the benefits of advanced technologies. Paul holds a BSc and a BE(Hons) from the University of Sydney and lives with his wife, Alison, and two children in Auckland.


Lesley Pope

Lesley Pope

Lesley has extensive business, strategic marketing and change management experience, gained from roles in corporate, small business and Government organisations both in New Zealand and overseas. Lesley brings strong governance experience to the Foundation and is passionate about making a positive change to the lives of those with a severe hearing disability.


Ann Loudon


Ann Loudon has personal experience of a severe hearing disability, having lost her hearing as a teenager. Ann received a cochlear implant in 1996, is a successful chartered accountant with her own practice and has two teenage sons. When not busy with work and family, Ann enjoys reading, good food and wine, running, snow skiing, movies (preferably sub titled!) and traveling to new places.