History of Pindrop and NCIT

A comprehensive overview of the history, structure, relationship and purpose of the Pindrop Foundation and NCIT are given here.

The Northern Cochlear Implant Trust (NCIT) and the Pindrop Foundation share the same board members and CEO and work closely together. One of the reasons for running two trusts is to keep charitable funding separate from government funding. Also the NCIT contract with the Ministry of Health (MoH) does not allow NCIT to engage in advocacy or fundraising. Pindrop was established with the purposes of increasing awareness about cochlear implants and fundraising to build up a capital base that could support sustainable spending to fund cochlear implant services for adults additional to those funded through the government contract. (Charitable funding for children’s cochlear implant (CI) services is channelled to The Hearing House (THH). Pindrop refrains from competing with Hearing House for funds in this sector.)

A long-term strategic goal of the Pindrop Foundation is to develop a centre of excellence for cochlear implant services. The Foundation is adapting that goal to work in with the Hearing House plans to build a facility which could house both paediatric and adult CI services. NCIT has brought the University of Auckland into the NCIP programme as a first step towards building research and audiology student training capability into CI services. NCIT believes that the involvement of a university will further enhance the quality of services. Discussions to involve the University in the new facility are proceeding.