Our Tips from the Hearing Health Professionals:

To start the process, you do need to have a recent hearing test done to gauge where your hearing levels are at and your suitability.

If your hearing professional recommends a cochlear implant, you have to make sure you wear your hearing aids; during all waking hours as any hearing stimulation is beneficial to aid outcomes after cochlear implantation.

Discuss with your regional provider the cost and available funding options for the cochlear implant.  Your sound processor will be switched on 2-4 weeks after surgery, and programmed to meet your unique hearing needs.

Cochlear implant surgery is a routine medical procedure which is considered to be very safe. The improvements in your hearing will depend on a variety of factors including the cause of your hearing loss, the extent and duration of your deafness and auditory training post implantation. The team at your hearing clinic will guide you through the preparation, implantation and rehabilitation process, to help you ensure you enjoy the best possible results.