Living in Silence

Ricky McLeod's Story


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Hearing is crucial to maintain connections with the world around us. It enables us to communicate with loved ones, with colleagues and participate fully in society. Hearing loss can be preventable and is treatable, but it is not prioritised in the same way as other health conditions.

Cochlear® commissioned this State of Hearing Report to support the World Health Organization’s goal to raise awareness of hearing loss, while helping to understand and transform the way people view hearing health and its association with older age across the world.



Welcome to ‘A year in the life’ where we have followed cochlear implant recipients on their journey back to a hearing world. In the words of one cochlear implant recipient, “My cochlear implant is a miracle.” It is time that everyone who needs a cochlear implant in New Zealand has access to their own miracle. Follow Scott and Charlotte’s journey back to a hearing world.


A cochlear implant may be the right hearing solution for you.

If the answer was YES to one or more of these questions, please refer to the Cochlear Implant Programme.

For information visit the Northern Cochlear Implant Programme at or the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme at

For more information on the cochlear implant assessment process:


Below are some videos from cochlear implant users, ENT surgeons, audiologists and researchers that you may find informative and helpful about the cochlear implant journey in New Zealand.



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